Dog Puzzle Review

product review Mar 8, 2021

When my doggo, Coco, was still a pup, he used to crave for attention all the time. And when he didn't get what he wanted, he would bark, earning us a complaint from the neighbour. One of the solutions was using the vibrating/beeping collar. Which immediately helped with the barking problem. You can read more about the review I did on it here.

However, the other problem was still attended that Coco needed toys to keep him occupied, because I can't play with him all the time. So we got him this dogs puzzle.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that Coco was able to make easy work of it pretty fast, and I'm sure your dogs will too. So my goal of keeping Coco occupied for long periods of time was dashed.

However, I find myself still using it a quite a lot when feeding Coco. Coco is a really fast eater. If I give him his meal on a bowl, he would just gulp down the kibbles like a glutton. The puzzle slows down pace of ingestion which I think helps Coco's digestion and reduces the hazard of choking on the kibbles.

Also, I think it makes his meal a bit more delightful. Boredom is the biggest downer for a dog, and I think having to use his paws and nose to solve the puzzle to eat does make the meal experience a bit more fun for Coco.

For the price, I think it's not a bad investment for you doggo.


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