GoPro Head Strap Review

product review Feb 16, 2021

I recently got a GoPro because I wanted to hike more with my dog, Coco, and record our hikes together. This is is my first ever GoPro, but I knew if I was going to shoot videos while taking a hike, I would need something like a head strap to fix down the camera.

I was very satifised with this head strap.

It's very easy to adjust and comfortable to wear. I would recommend wearing a cap or something before putting the strap over the head. This definitely gives it more stability and a less wobble when you are moving about.

I've worn it when it was raining as well, and the strap doesn't soak up much water, and dries quite quickly.

If you want to take a point-of-view type videos, I would highly recommend gettings the head strap to accompany your GoPro.

Here's a vidoe of recent hike Coco and I went together.


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