Hands Free Dog Leash Review

product review Mar 7, 2021

Lately, I've been really enjoying going for a hike with my doggo, Coco. Challenges I faced with hiking with a dog were:

First, Coco got really excited because of all the various smells in the trail so he pulled on the leash more than usual. And with a normal nylon leash, Coco frequently got choked by the leash whenever he sprinted for a fresh new smell.

Second, sometimes I would need my hands to get past an obstacle and having to hold onto a leash was quite cumbersome.

So after shopping around for a hands-free leash, I eventually arrived on this one:

When I tried hiking or just taking a walk around the neighbourhood with this new hands-free leash, the benefits were immediate.

First, with the bungee leash, even when Coco sprints out and pulls on the leash, because of the elasticity, Coco wasn't getting choked on which greatly improved Coco's safety.

Second, the waist bag is really useful. When going for a walk with Coco, there are couple items that we need to bring along, like treats, poop bag, and dog spray (we've run into huge aggressive dogs before). And with the waist bag, we can carry these items consistently and with comfort.

Lastly, reflective stitches and dual handle are icing on the cake that tells me that the maker really put a lot of thought into making this product.

Just one word of caution is, if you haven't used bungee leash before, you may need a few tries to get the hang of how far the leash stretches. If walking on a narrow path, make sure to hold the bottom handle to better control the leash with your doggo.


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