Manage Your SVG Icons With Ease!

SVG Jul 12, 2021

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It's been a while since I last posted about an app. But I think I built something quite useful for you folks out there who are a developer or a designer, or if you run your own website.

Icons are an integral part of any modern day websites. However, if you are a designer or a developer, you must've run into some limitations with using webfonts.

Although fast and convenient to implement, webfonts have some disadvantages.

  • They are vulnerable to anti-aliasing which affects the visual quality of the icon making it blurry.
  • Since webfonts are inserted using pseudo-elements, their positioning is difficult and you can't apply perfect dimensions to them.

SVG icons do not have these problems. They are crisp and sharp and you can apply a fixed x by x dimensions to them.

However, when working with SVGs, you often come across issues like, say if you are building a site in React, do you convert the SVGs into React components or do you insert them as images?

For the first case, these components would only work in React so they are not really framework-agnostic. You'd have to implement something similar in other frameworks if you are not using React. In the latter case, that calls for a lot of files to manage.

What if you could get the best of both worlds?

That is, fast, convenient, framework-agnostic qualities for webfonts and sharp image and perfect dimensions of SVG?

Well, SVGreat offers you just that! On top of that, it makes it super easy to adopt to your site. Just copy a couple of snippets to your website, and you have your SVG icons ready to go.

Please feel free to give a try at


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